By exclusive personalized consultation, we provide a unique method of implementing systems like GMP, ISO, AYUSHMARK, WHO, or USFDA by coordination with owners to the employee.

Every organization is willing to have the best accreditation in the industry. It is unfortunate after having certification systems were not implement properly. SUN CONSULTATION brings a distinctive method of implementing by sharing a role in industry as INHOUSE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT. There are several factors the organisation fails to implement systems likewise:

  • Lack of information about the system to be implemented
  • Lack of technical knowledge
  • Work environment – a difference of opinion
  • Untrained Employees
  • Work Habits, due to working in the same sets of mind since existence.

During the consultation period we provide training and management for system implementation which includes below areas:

  • Inventory Management: (for raw, packing and finish store)
    • Purchase Planning & Execution
    • For maintenance of quality parameters for raw material purchase and procurement
    • Material management in the warehouse
    • Employee training for material handling and procedures
    • Adoption of the FIFO system in real-time working
    • Execution of SOPs in the warehouse section
    • Control dispensing procedure for raw and finish product
  • Production Management:
    • Production planning, reporting, and task management system
    • Production area man and material movement
    • Training to supervisors and helpers for quality production & safety process
    • Implementation of online documents (BMR, Logbooks, Registers etc.) for the production process
    • Machine handling and operations as per SOPs
    • Process area cleaning-sanitization management and line clearance
  • Utility Management:
    • Utility maintenance schedules and management system
  • Quality Control Management:
    • Laboratory management procedures
    • Specifications and standardization of raw material, packing material, and finish product
    • Sampling and testing methods for raw-packing materials and finish products
    • Laboratory documentations
    • Glassware, chemicals and equipment handling and management processes
    • In-Production process testing and control
  • Quality Assurance Management:
    • Preparation and guidelines for the preparation of SOPs for different levels which can be implemented in real-time quality system
    • In-process Control at all levels
    • Coding and recording of all documents
    • Handling market complains responsibility
    • Internal audit process
    • Functions and responsibility assignment in the organization
    • Batch manufacturing report preparation and implementation
    • Checking of all documentation in regular interval
    • Training and motivation to all staff members in the organization
  • Marketing Management:
    • Product promotions and consultation guideline
    • Motivational training for product promotion
    • Promotional focus time by time
    • Strategically market drill training
    • Market complain handling and resolution technique
  • Management inputs:
    • Employee evaluation and performance techniques
    • Product costing
    • Purchase Planning
    • New products and strategy for the growth of the company
    • Product performance evaluation and promotional priority