Task management is the process of managing a task through its life cycle: from planning, testing and tracking, to reporting on the outcome. It involves managing all aspects of a task, from its status and priority to the time spent, people involved, and finally, financial resources needed. Task management methods, tools, and techniques give you and your team a detailed and real-time view of all the moving parts of a project. It helps teams to stay productive and on schedule.

Breaking projects down into specific tasks can be also a huge motivator. A task management system empowers teams to work more productively and efficiently. You can create tasks and assign tasks with the help of our online task management services.

With a task management system, managing projects become much easier. Software and other online tools can give values and data, but to implement a task in a practical team is much tough so why in SUN CONSULTATION we had decided to provide this service by appointing a personalized task manager online.

It is a must communicate your people what’s their key role in the project, why they are primarily assigned some particular tasks, and how they could do their work to. It also would enhance overall collaboration.

  • Better to update to-do list
  • One has to simply to keep people aware of what’s happening.
  • Factor of Delegate

It is also noted that too much work leads to burnout, stress, and a decrease in efficacy. The top way to avoid it is to perfectly delegate tasks.

SUN Consultation offers an online task management service. An exclusive task manager will be allotted to an organization that implements a task management system in your organization.

Our Working Methodology:

  • Appointing a Task manager for your organization.
  • Task Manager gets involved in your day to day planning and your strategies.
  • Allotting task cards to all individual staff (senior or junior employee) of the team via mail.
  • Inform and guide if any special instructions to be followed.
  • Receiving reports from all individuals and review all task cards.
  • After review, a daily summarized report submitted to the owner or senior manager.
  • Weekly all employees will be notified with a performance evaluation report.